What makes Box different than every other photographer out there?

The Artists behind the Box name

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Gary and Pamela Box are more than just photographers. They are nationally award winning portrait artists that have studied the art of portraiture for years. They don't just take photographs, they MAKE beautiful photographs using the techniques they have learned over years of study.

They won't shoot 300 photos to get 3 or 4 good ones. They understand what makes an image beautiful and how people are best photographed and use that knowledge to make every single photograph is one that you will love and want to own.

Box is a full service studio

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Box Portrait Gallery is a full service studio. We totally take care of you. You don’t have to go to a salon for styling, then a studio, then somewhere else for framing and have to get grad cards from another company. With Box, it’s all smooth and seamless. We have a commercial building with staff and normal hours, so you are not hunting down someone with only a cell phone number.

Because of our efficiency, we can also do things others can not. Your portraits are ready for viewing in only TWO days! Most finished orders are ready in 3-4 weeks. Grad cards can be as fast as two days.

Lighting makes all the difference in the world

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Great light sometimes just "happens" and we can be there to capture it.

Reality check: most of the time, the light isn't just right and we have bad shadows, spotty light or no illumination to the eyes.

Other photographers might settle for whatever light might be there to take your photo. At Box, that isn't good enough, so we work hard to make great lighting. We use many reflectors, light barriers and even set up powerful strobes to make sure the lighting in our photos looks great. Sure, it's more work on our part, but there is no comparison in the results.

Better customer education equals better photographs

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Most people are a little unsure on how to best prepare for a professional photo shoot. Unless you are an experienced professional model, you might be scratching your head on what to do and bring.

When you schedule a photo shoot at Box, we send you our exclusive Style Guide for guys or for girls. These guides help you prepare for your photo shoot with important tips like clothing suggestions, great colors to look for, things to avoid and even makeup and grooming tips for photos. Let's face it, if you are better prepared, your photographs will be better.

Take a ride on the Box Bus!

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With other photographers, you are stuck changing clothes in your car when on location, hoping nobody can see.

At Box, you ride in comfort and style in our custom bus when we go on location. Our bus (a converted Party Bus!) has air conditioning, cold drinks and a private dressing room that even includes a makeup mirror and lights! You and your parent or friends can ride along in comfort and enjoy the privacy of your own personal dressing room anywhere we go.

Plus, we have room to haul all of our gear, so we have everything we need for great shots on board with us.

Pose like a pro - Not sure on how to pose to flatter your shape? That's Ok, we know

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The right pose can make you look a size smaller. The wrong pose can make you look a size larger. Do you know the right and wrong way to move and stand in front of a camera?

We do! So don't worry, we will coach you on how to move, stand and position yourself so that you look your best.

Be up front with us too. If you are concerned about how a part of your body might look on camera, just let us know. If you are worried about your arms looking big, we will pay special attention to how you are positioning your arms, so as not to make them look larger than they really are.

Better Color - How good do you want your color to be?

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Many photographers give you color that looks like a bad Instagram photo. Who wants their skin to look like that?

We understand the science of color and each of our cameras, monitors and printers go through an elaborate color calibration process to render perfect, rich, beautiful color. That's why everyone's skin color looks great in a Box Portrait.

Others might tell you that the color doesn't matter that much, and we make too big a deal of it. Try telling a painter the color of his paints doesn't matter.

Archival Prints - Your senior pictures are a big deal, you want them to last

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Not all prints are created equal. One hour labs frequently use cheaper chemistry to keep their price low and heat up the chemistry to make them develop faster. Nobody bothers to tell you this can shorten the life of the photos do they?

At Box, we use one of the highest quality pro labs in the country. We then have their archival grade prints and giclee' prints coated with a UV inhibitor, which acts like a sunscreen on your prints to make them last longer. All of our albums and mountboards are acid free as well. This results in prints that will last up to 40-50 years! That's a far cry better than the 10 year photos you get at many places.