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Senior Pictures On A Different Level

Box is removing all location restrictions from our photo shoots this year! Mix and match any locations. Just book the time period you wish to shoot. Want more outfits or locations? Schedule a longer photo shoot. Don't want too many great ones to have to decide, or on a budget, schedule a shorter photo shoot.

Choose from:

Box Main Studio - Our Main Studio has literally hundreds of lighting and background possibilities for you to select from. Best for classic or fashion looks

Box Outdoor Studio - We have trails, swings, trucks, flowers, pianos, airplanes, and more sets than you will believe! Great for a natural and relaxed look

On Location - Where do you want to go? Your school sporting arena, your ranch, around town, or our exclusive waterfall. We will go anywhere you wish to go!

You can customize that by adding a Family Photo Shoot, an Extreme location, or come back later in the year for a Boomarang Photo Shoot, another Box exclusive. You can also add our optional Glam Squad stylists to do your hair or make-up. The Glam Squad must be scheduled to be on site for you. Makeup styling time does not come out of your photo shoot time. If you have any questions about our photo shoots, please call our staff at 918-224-7838
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Photo Shoot Options:

The Model Photo Shoot $399
Free planning appointment (optional)
4 hour photo shoot
3-4 locations
6-12 outfits
$1600 minimum order

3 Hour Photo Shoot $299
Free planning appointment (optional)
3 hour photo shoot
3 locations
5-9 outfits
$1200 minimum order

Senior's Choice Photo Shoot $199
2 hour photo shoot
2 locations
4-8 outfits
$800 minimum order

Mini Photo Shoot $99
1 hour photo shoot
3-4 outfits
1 location
$500 minimum order