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My job is to bring out the beauty and personality in each person. When I look at people, I focus on their best attributes. Maybe its their beautiful hair or amazing eyes. Then I work to show those off. Maybe it's that giggly personality and I will get you laughing and freeze those moments.

I will ask you what you don't love. And then do my best to hide that. The result is portraits that you love because they are all about your best qualities.

I want your senior picture experience to be one you will remember. I often ask people years later "who did your senior portraits?" and it stuns me how many say "I don't remember who they were". I hope every one of the thousands of seniors I have captured over the years proudly says "Gary Box did mine!"

My senior portraits will represent your youth for the rest of your life. I take that job very seriously and will do my best.

-Gary Box

About the Artist

You'll find few people with a greater passion about what they do. For nearly 30 years Gary Box has been the leader in senior pictures in the Tulsa and Oklahoma area. Combining both creative and technical excellence, his work has won many state, national and international awards. He has his Master's degree in photography and is a Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.